In a world where “globalization” and “cultural diversity” are becoming part of our daily lives, learning a second language has become critically important.

A language lab platform is a system that enables teachers to orchestrate and/or create activities for their students, and allows students to execute those activities. These activities include listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in an interactive, personalized fashion. Most platforms comprise some combination of specialized software and hardware (including headsets).

Students can run repeat-after-me drills to internalize the basics of grammar and vocabulary, but perhaps more importantly, students are also exposed to authentic communications scenarios that help illustrate how their new language skills can be used in a practical fashion.

Our partner, Robotel, based in Montreal, Canada, is a manufacturer of Language Laboratories, with a pedigree of over 9,000 Language and Computer Lab installations worldwide. Two main characteristics of Robotel language lab technology is the proven robustness of the system and its ease of use by instructors and students.